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V-shaped coil dry cooler

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V-KING - V-shaped coil dry cooler from Lennox

V-KING City (VC)
Compactness and high capacity

V-KING Industry (VI)
Low pressure drop and high performance

V-shaped coil dry cooler for air conditioning or process cooling. Industrial process cooling. Use in free cooling on chiller installations.

  • High and sustainable performance
  • 5500 models possible depending on the project
  • Smaller footprint
  • Optimisation of noise levels depending on the fans selected ▪ Possibility of combined HV/LV circuits


  • Sustainable performance plus easy and efficient maintenance thanks to non-lou- vered fins to limit fouling
  • Large range of products and configurations (5500 models):
    • 2 different fin geometries
    • 2 designs: inline or parallel
    • 2 module sizes: 1200 mm or 1500 mm
    • Numerous ventilations
    • Units up to 12 m long
  • High performance with a small footprint
  • Reduction of noise level (EC motors, attenuator, etc.)
  • Reduction of electricity consumption (low-speed motors or EC motors)
  • Possibility of combined HT/LT circuits:
    • one product for 2 applications (one low-temperature circuit and one high-temperature)
    • single coil block to prevent any intermediate fouling


  • Consisting of staggered copper tubes and embossed aluminium fins for optimal heat exchange
  • High and sustainable performance:
    • Non-louvered fins
    • Stacked HT/LT circuits (can be selecting when ordering)
  • Fin spacing 1.9 mm or 2.12 mm depending on application and conditions


  • Metal structure, epoxy painted (RAL 9003) for maximum corrosion resistance


  • Non-louvered fins for easy maintenance (limited fouling).

Air Circulation

V-KING - V-shaped coil dry cooler from Lennox
The performance of a dry cooler depends strongly on the operating conditions. With our selection software it is possible to select the most suitable dry cooler for your needs. Please contact us.